Types of Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Every woman knows the struggle of putting together the right outfit for an occasion, a normal day out, a day in the office or school, or even for the current weather and temperature. Not all have the luxury of having a stylist or even the time to plan a look before heading out.

Perhaps the easiest and most versatile type of garment is a dress. Putting on a dress is an easier alternative to matching a top with pants, shorts, or a skirt. Its various styles and designs range from casual to formal, short to floor length,plain to printed, and more. Dresses are definitely a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Wearing the right dress for a specific occasion will help you look sharp and stunning. Here is a guide to the most important types of dresses you must have to complete your wardrobe.

Party Dresses

Like dresses that come in different shapes and sizes, the parties you attend differ in dress codes. Party dresses are styled with a border between sexy and chic, andthey vary in style.You may choose a sparkly, plain, or a printed one. Whether you’re going on a night out with friends or attending a friend’s birthday celebration, a party dress is a fool-proof choice to boost your confidence and enjoy.

Lace Dresses

Exude classiness and sophistication with a lace dress! This can be worn on formal events, family gatherings, or dates with your special someone. Wearing a lace dress takes a unique spin on “showing some skin” without baring it all. Lace dresses also come in various colors and cuts, so it will not be hard for you to find the right one that fits perfectly.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses come in floor or ankle lengths. Usually, they are form fitting at the top and are loose and flowing at the bottom.

This style of dress used to be considered as informal, but it’s now gaining popularity as a formal choice. It also fits all shapes and sizes as it accentuates the waist and gives the illusion of a taller height. A maxi dress is perfect for the summer and casual days outside. It is definitely a must-have in your closet! Slip on a maxi dress on days where you feel lazy or when you are rushing and have no time to think about what you are going to wear. It will instantly make you feel that you are put together and ready to go.

Print Dresses

What better way to show your fun side than wearing a print dress? Prints go from stripes to dots to geometric designs, and the list does not stop there. These dresses are usually worn on casual days out or events that require semi-formal outfits. This type of dress is also very easy to style and accessorize!

Short Dresses

A short dress is called as such since its length only goes above the knee. Another term associated with this type of dress is the ‘cocktail dress’. Short dresses can be worn for formal or informal events, depending on the print and cut. Skip shorts once in a while without having the need to wear pants as the only alternative. This kind of dress definitely deserves a spot in your closet as it’s as stylish as any garment combo you can put together.

Floral Dresses

If there’s one print that never goes out of style, it is the floral print. Floral dresses are as versatile as other print dresses. These can be worn not only on special occasions but also on walks to the park or beach. Reserve a spot in your wardrobe for a floral dress. You will find that it will be easier to pull off your looks during hot summer days or spring afternoons.

Solid Dresses

Solid dresses radiate simplicity and effortless style. This is the type of dress that will bring out your creative juice. You can style and accessorize it in any way possible. Matching it with prints or another solid color will definitely make heads turn. This is an essential piece that must be in your closet. It is a popular style for people who are on the go. Not only is it easy to come up with a look with this kind of dress, it also saves you the time and energy trying to pull off a look. Wear a solid dress for a no-frills day or night out.

Wedding Dresses

Most women have always dreamt about the perfect white dress for one of the most significant days in their lives. However, choosing the right one requires a long and deliberative process of fitting and alteration. Brides-to-be are often stressed on looking for the perfect white dress as well as the most affordable cost. Purchasing wedding dresses online saves time, energy, and money for brides-to-be. Various materials, styles, and designs are available online. Although it’s not an essential everyday wardrobe piece, a wedding dress is something that needs to be kept as it holds dear memories for the owner.

Complete your wardrobe by ensuring that you have these types of dresses! The types of dresses listed above are only the most essentials ones, but other styles or types are available out in the market and online. Search hundreds of dresses online to find the perfect dress design that suits your body type and the event you are planning to attend or the trip you are planning to go to.

Planning your next outfit by opting for a dress will save you the time and energy trying to match your tops with your bottom garments, not to mention the accessories and shoes you plan to wear. Not only is the feeling of being “put together” important, it is best to also feel comfortable when wearing your dress. Do not sacrifice your comfort for style and aesthetic. Surely, putting on the right dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident will get you noticed and give you a few compliments.

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